New development in technology especially smartphone has led to the dynamics of application importance and use. Today different companies have developed their Apps that can be free to download or pay on download. The charges that are set during the installation are then used as income for the same. The pay on download Apps is different in preference and even though they generate income many prefer the free Apps. Taking advantage of those Apps that can be downloaded for free, there are many other ways to make money out of such platforms other than putting a download charge.
One way that has shown great potential to most people is the advertisement that is done over the Apps. Once you are strategic and attracted a huge number of your App users, you will get a greater opportunity to reach many people at the same time. The charges from different organizations and companies that will advertise on your App will be a chance to monetize your mobile app.
You can also have different categories of the same App to help set the entry stage for all users. Setting the entry level of all the users downloading the App to be free and limiting the service and feature under the entry level. Other subsequent stages should then have the option to upgrade and enjoy more feature of the Apps at a specified fee within a given period of time. For example having the App set free at standard, premium, and Elite at a cost can also be a perfect way to please users and still monetize your mobile app.
SMS has proved to one of the best marketing tools when a new product is being launched. Integrating all the new users to set up their mobile numbers when installing the App and can lead to a bigger market. Companies that are launching new products can easily reach a huge number of users within a short time and most people interact with SMS they receive on their lines.
It’s now possible to earn money through your App with ease by putting the above actions into place. You simply need to design and create a user-friendly App that will solve most of the problems hence attract most users.