If you are considering to have a divorce, one of the initial and most essential choices you must make is who will represent you in the courtroom. As you search for the best divorce lawyer, you will need to think about a few specific variables.


First of all, is your lawyer qualified to represent you? You can confirm with the state association in the area to see if a specified attorney has the training and qualifications required to represent you. You can also look into any teams or organizations they may belong to, check out their practice records, and read reviews and opinions about them on the net. If they are associates of a particular firm, don’t forget to check them out in the process to get an idea of how they work.


Another crucial thing to think of is how much hands-on expertise they have. How many divorce cases have they handled and were their clients very pleased with them? Do they focus on divorce cases or do they practice other forms of law also? Have they been practicing law for long, do they enjoy solid associations with the judges they talk with?

Appearance and Demeanor

The divorce lawyer you decide on should consistently be a genuine professional. A good lawyer will speak to you respectfully, will wear adequately professional clothing, and will demonstrate a neat and tidy appearance at all times.


A good divorce attorney also needs to be somebody who is trustworthy. First, he/she should be willing to listen to the particulars of your situation, provide any required information, and be completely sincere. Your attorney should not simply tell you what you want to hear, but will ideally let you know the pros and cons of your position and how it could impact the conclusion of your case.


A certified lawyer will also be well-versed in your state’s laws and regulations when it comes to the division of money and property, child custody and support, and all the other challenges that develop during divorce proceedings. Learn more about a Nashville attorney for divorce proceedings.


If children are affected, you should be sure that you find an attorney who will prioritize them over all else. When considering custody plans and child support, your attorney must put the demands of your children first.

Legal Fees

Another crucial factor in deciding on a good divorce attorney is knowing what they charge. Getting a quote from a lawyer during your consultation can be problematic because attorneys don’t ordinarily charge a base fee. Many lawyers go by “billable hours,” which is simply an hourly charge. You will be charged for any period your attorney spends working on your case.

If you have a very challenging divorce with many possessions that need to be divided, children, infidelities, or other complications, chances are your attorney will need to spend a lot of time figuring out the details of your case. But if your divorce is an amicable one and you simply require someone to help with the papers and sign the necessary documents, the fees you get will be much lower. Try and remember how much you can afford to commit and how complicated your divorce may end up being before you seek out an attorney, to at least have some idea of what amount of billable hours you will wind up accruing.

Keeping these items in mind will enable you to pick a lawyer who is both well-qualified to stand for your interests, and who is reputable enough to prioritize you and your family’s needs.