As an MC with ten plus years of experience, I decided to share my experiences and insights on how to rap, improve your freestyles and win more battles. You need to practice the fundamentals to become a better rapper. Here it is…

Improve breath control. To rap, you need more air. To do this, practice spitting lyrics or freestyles while exercising. Outkast used to jog around their neighborhoods while they practiced their lines. This helped them rap longer without having to breathe.

Can you learn rapping without rhymes? Create rhyme schemes. So you’ve got air, now you need words and rhymes. Pick five words you like that are two or three syllables. Now, pull out rhyming dictionary and try to put down like five rhymes for a word, for like 30 words (five words plus five rhymes each). Learn how to rap properly here. Commit these words to memory and incorporate them into your freestyles and written raps.

Strengthen your vocals. Before you attempt to record a song or freestyle, take the time to warm up your vocal chords. I’ve put together a 14 step vocal workout, but that’s a little more detailed. For now, just focus on humming, and move the vibration from your belly to the top of your head. This warm up will make your voice sound richer, more honest and full.

Improve your flow. To learn how to do rap is easy, though improving your flow takes time. To improve it, practice rapping fast, then slow. By changing the tempo, you are improving your overall flow. This also helps broaden the number of beats you can comfortably spit on. You don’t have to be Snoop Dogg or Twista, but practice both ends of the spectrum for maximum results. Next, try rapping in different accents like French, Australian or Middle Eastern… any of these forces you to think about your voice and what you’re trying to convey.

Practice rap battle kung fu. To win more rap battles, you have to take away your opponents ammunition while building up your own. Create a list of generic battle punchlines (e.g. fat jokes) and disses that you can try to use during a battle. These can be your filler material if you draw a blank.

However, specifics are usually better. Pick things out about your opponent that aren’t so obvious. For example, I battled a guy with an Oakland A’s hat on, and rather than diss the A’s (which wouldn’t be a good idea in Oakland) I called him a whole list of names that start with the letter “A” like “arrogant, atrocious, etc.

If you wish to know how to rapand win more rap battles, you must realize that winning a crowd is more important than beating your opponent. If I had trashed the A’s, I would have lost the battle (even though I beat my opponent). Keep the crowd on your side, and you’ll win more rap battles.